Speech-to-text perfected

Digital Syphon Sonic Messager

Appliance solution for telephony speech to text

Imagine, to be able to transcribe landline, voip or skype based communications and provide a mode to generate and process voicemails that are left behind for productivity purposes to your employees in an enterprise 24/7.

The appliance simply connects to your voicemail repository whether its avaya or cisco or any other system, we can process the voicemails by taking the audio so the speech-to-text engine can process and generate the email or SMS for notification. Get notified of important phone numbers or meeting locations and date and time when you need it and not after the fact.

Sonic Messager accomplishes all this of this by applying advanced HMM (Hidden Markov Model) algorithms to provide an unsurpassed solution. Quickly and accurately transcribe spoken audio and have it sent to your blackberry or smartphone. The system is capable of being configured to transcribe most European, and Asian languages depending on the needs based on the geographic location of each corporate office. The system also utilizes foier transformations to identify and remove background noise/music and get more clear voice stream.

Key features:
  • E-mail of transcribed alert
  • Redundant storage configuration
  • Language Independent
  • Appliance Model
  • Language independent
  • Appliance model

  • Report by author breakdown
  • Contains workflow dates
  • Contains meta-data about each note

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