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Digital Syphon is offering hosted services for small to medium sized businesses who require or have a need for providing their customers a gateway of information tailored to their industry or vertical but do not want to invest in the ongoing maintenance and development efforts required to keep up woth day to day operations. Imagine having the same analytics and data processing engines that larger corporations have access to but for a fraction of the cost. Get all the value and none of the headaches of maintaining such an advanced capability, let Digital Syphon Hosted search services work for you!
  • Digital Syphon will tailor and create to your sites specifications a search application that will follow your style/layout.
  • Our solutions support multi-threaded capabilities where possible to enhance performance and speed analytics functions for the benefit of you and your customers.
  • Our framework of JAVA and .NET API's allows us to implement our search engine and analytics tools in a very rapid fashion.
  • Up to date on all the fetches, connectors , and plugins for different sources of information(I.E. HTTP crawler, audio crawler, ocr processing...)

Digital Syphon Corporation (DSLLC) has a world class analytics suite of tools for the enterprise and is continually advancing the media information gathering movement. Digital Syphon's technologies leverage the data trapped inside rich media and allows it to harvest this information for the benefit of the end user for interpreting or monetizing this data whether it be voice, video, music, or broadcast radio/tv commercials and even streaming based content.

Digital Syphons's customer base comprises of several busineses both large fortune 500, small sized business and government entities worldwide We span all verticals in which there is a need for media information gathering (MIG) for generating a robust data mining capability. The company has offices in Dallas,TX; Lima,Peru; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mexico City, Mexico.

Digital Syphon is continuously investing in its own infrastructure and is always maintaining the best and newest hardware technology to provide the best possible hosted search services.

To speak with a Digital Syphon Sales Manager, please contact us at 469-854-3528.
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