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Management Team

Digital Syphon's Management Team incorporates well over 40 years of combined knowledge.

Our management team incorporates well over 40 years of combined knowledge, including Information Technology, Product Development, Project Implementation and Corporate Management.

About Digital Syphon

A private company founded in January 1999, Digital Syphon is a Audio Informatics TECHNOLOGY developer and RICHMEDIA/MEANING BASED COMPUTING CLOUD Services Provider

We provide secure, personalised access to information for delivery and data collection:

From Any Source
To Any Computer
For Any Authorised Person

Digital Syphon utilises the latest developments in Media Intelligence Gathering (MIG) technologies to build and customise secure Audio/Video Informatics Solutions.

Through our enterprise audio/video analytics technologies and applications, we enable the release of organisational knowledge via its most important asset:

Its People
Digital Syphon has comprehensive experience in the Design, Development and Implementation of Rich-Media Applications to enable organisations to link into their back-end legacy systems, providing dynamic knowledge interchange for real-time, every-time, Rich-media information discovery , compliance and audio informatics.

Our TECHNOLOGIES Put Real Dollars Onto Your Company's Bottom Line

Digital Syphon achieves this by:

  • Maximizing your ROI
  • Automating manual tasks
  • Increasing your rate of productivity
  • Performing Audio/Video Analytics

Digital Syphon Assists Your Organisation Turn The Data Mining Rhetoric Into Financial Reality.